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Art World Series 2

JP Post issued a special stamp: "World Art Series", the theme of which is exquisite paintings and other artworks.

The theme of the second series is "Red World".

Among Japanese paintings, handicrafts and European paintings from the 17th to the 20th century, we chose works with bright red characteristics.

Warm colors like the light of sunrise and sunset, blazing flames, bright petals and autumn leaves have greatly inspired the creativity of painters and craftsmen.

JP Post

Issue Date: October 16, 2020 (Friday)


63 yen stamp (stamp type)

CCDC in Residence 2020 ── Social Distancing Theatre “Joyeux Noël”

This Christmas, CCDC partners with Freespace to bring over specially curated online dance events. Social Distancing Theatre Joyeux Noël is a self-choreographed solo dance piece by the resident artist Noel Pong. Director Designate Yuri Ng also curates the free live streaming event The Pandora Studio, which enables the public to view artists’ rehearsals.


CCDC resident artist Noel Pong has choreographed her first solo performance. In a small room resembling a black box, she gradually narrows the distance between the stage and the audience, starting an intimate conversation of hearts.

The organiser will present a special curated live broadcast version of the show on 25 December 2020 (Friday)


Photo: LEUNG Yau-cheong

Artwork Information

Introduction of some works on the website

Diver II - Derek Mark

Judging from the physique and tanning marks of the man, one could not help but to think that he is an amateur diver. Yet, his doubt and hesitancy, at the tip of the springboard, speak to the heart of the viewers: itˏs okay to be afraid.

The World of Mandala - Fan Chun

' Unknowable Death and Love ' is the flower meaning of Mandala. Death and Love are two separate concept, yet, they are linked together by the unique nature of Mandala. Mandala is characterized by its redolent fragrance, however, prolonged exposure to the odor will cause a slight hallucination effect. ' The world of mandala ' , painted by Fan Chun, depicts the beauty and toxicity of mandala, one is fascinated by the soothing colored sea of flower, yet this very same fascination could lead to unwanted displeasure.

Vulnerability and Fear - Nimchi Yuen

In ' Vulnerability and Fear ', Nimchi Yuen uses heavily textured paint to depict the emotions of the little girl sitting in front of the viewers. Although the painting is manifested in ambiguity, one can still sense the harmony between different elements in it.

Falling Stories - Hilde Mertens

Do you see a stream of water flowing down the river? Or the smoke from a cigarette climbs through the air? Or the stream of consciousness of a personˏs mind? In ' Falling Stories ' , Hilde Mertens approaches Chinese painting style from a fresh, Westerner vantage point. Rather than depicting a concrete subject, his painting conveys a feeling, allowing its viewers to engage into their imagination.

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