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The Craft of Cantonese Musical: Composition and Lyrics

Talk 1: Musical composition with Leon Ko

Looking at Leon Ko’s songs “Recruitment” from the 2008 Cantonese musical Field of Dreams and “Tao Te Ching” from Ko and Shum’s musical The Impossible Trial, Hedy Law analyzes the features of Ko's works.


In the second half of the session, Law and Ko will have a conversation about his creative process.

Talk 2: Musical lyrics with Chris Shum

Hedy Law explores he three main elements involved in writing: the semantic meanings of words, linguistic tones and rhymes, and the combination of syllables, vowels and tones.

The lyrics of Chris Shum’s “Singing as One Team” from Field of Dreams (2008) and the lyrics of “A World in a Grain of Rice” from The Impossible Trial as examples,  Chris Shum discusses his creative process and his collaboration with Leon Ko.

All talks will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. Registered participants will receive a streaming link with their confirmation email.

西九  101


07.01.2021 to 21.01.2021



The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera

Known as hongdong, the roles of Cantonese opera are mainly categorized according to the gender, age, identity, character and proportion of participation. No matter the characteristics of actors are, they can learn hongdong that they like. The male character is "Sang", and the female character is "Daan".

In this series of two talks by experienced Cantonese opera performers, Xie Xiaoyu, a specialist in dan (female roles) and Ng Lap-hei, a specialist in sheng (male roles), take an individual look at the stage movements related to specific roles.


Talk 1: The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera: Male Roles

Sang is the overall designation of all male roles. According to the age of the roles, traditionally, elder sang includes mousang (literally, martial man) and sousang (literally, man with beard), while younger male roles are called siusang (literally, young man). In recent years, the role system of Cantonese opera troupes has changed from “Ten Roles” to “System of Six Major Roles”, which means employing six major artists to take over the whole play. The System of six major roles has kept the mousang and sousang. On the other hand, divide the major male roles into manmousang as the leading male role and siusang as the second leading male role.

This event will take place at the Xiqu Centre and will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

Talk 2: The Stage Movements of Cantonese Opera: Female Roles

Daan is the overall designation of all female roles. It is common to call the younger female role as faadan (literally, flower female). In the System of Six Roles, the female roles are categorized according to the proportion of participation. The jingyan faadaan is the leading female role while the yibong faadaan is the second leading female role.

This event will take place at the Xiqu Centre.

西九  101


26.01.2021 to 23.02.2021


19:30 - 21:00






Mori Art Museum "Chiharu Shiota: The Soul Trembles"  Tour Exhibition

"The Soul Trembles" is Chiharu Shiota's largest and most comprehensive exhibition devoted to the Japanese artist, gathering the essence of her 20 years of creation. The exhibition centers on her six large-scale installations. Besides, three-dimensional sculptures, video, photography, sketch manuscripts of the creative process, and precious materials on stage design are included, and presenting the "sense of being in absence" that Chiharu Shiota has always pursued. This allows the viewer to actually experience the meaning of the journey of life and the subtleties of emotion.


One: "Uncertain Journey"

Chiharu Shiota hopes to express the abstract concepts of human memory, anxiety, dreams, and silence through the structure of thin lines. "Ship" is a theme often used by Chiharu Shiota. In "Uncertain Journey", the existence of the ship is more abstract. Under the space surrounded by red lines, it symbolizes that there will be many encounters on the unknown journey.

Second: "In Silence"

Chiharu Shiota used fire in the dark night in her childhood neighbor as his memory, and created "In Silence". In a space entwined with black lines, a scorched piano symbolizes silence and plays music in a visual way.

Third: "Reflection of Time and Space"

In this "Reflection of Time and Space", the skin-like dress symbolizes the inner and outer of people, and is hidden in the space woven by black lines, which makes people feel that it is "absent but exists", which is reflected in mirror images. The two dresses discussed the consciousness of reality and fiction.

This event will be held in Taipei Fine Arts Museum

西九  101


01.05.2021 to 22.08.2021


Tai Kwun Circus Plays - Bring Circus Home

During this festive season, enjoy the breathtaking and exhilarating circus performances at home, and experience the acts with the most ordinary household objects to create your own circus.

"Ting-Koo-Ki Mad Skills Battle" will be held again this year. Moreover, following the Ninja masters in the online "Ninja Challenge" to awaken your martial arts instincts with your family and children. Handicraft lovers must not miss the light theatre workshops “Dancing Shadows on My Heads” and “Not 2D but 3D Pop-up Workshop”, where you will learn to create shadow masks, headdresses and pop-up books to illustrate your own stories at home. "Fancy Football Primary School" is taught by local professional fancy football players to teach different moves, and you can learn it at home. Half way.

This workshop will be held online



24.12.2020 to 28.02.2021


12:30 - 14:00

Artwork Information

Introduction of some works on the website

Di Lai - Cheung Manling

Di Lai refers to the sound of the wind passing through the holes of the earth. The sound of nature forms a harmonious symphony, creating myriad kinds of variation, all through the magic of the wind. The wind is invisible, yet it possesses immense power; the same is true to human beings, what are us without souls?

Woods - Hilde Mertens

In ' Woods ', Hilde Mertens have approached traditional Chinese ink painting method with a Western approach. Rather than depicting a realistic picture of tree branches, Mertens has merged his concept of branches with ink painting. One can certainly feel the branches, but not necessarily see the actual contours of it.

The Little Girl I - Nimchi Yuen

In ' The Little Girl I ', Nimchi Yuen uses heavily textured paint to depict the emotions of the little girl sitting in front of the viewers. Although the painting is manifested in ambiguity, one can still sense the harmony between different elements in it.

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